Web Development Manager

  • IOI Superlative Award

    Most likely to create a Spotify playlist for any occasion.

  • Natalie's Motto

    "I woke up this morning and realized I don't have what it takes to be average."

  • About Natalie

    Natalie’s been at IOI from the beginning and is a true OG. She’s the brains behind all things web design and makes us look good. Natalie loves adventure and her spontaneity guarantees nothing will ever be boring. She brings light-heartedness to any situation, attributing her zest for life to her 94-year-old Gram who lives a life full of joy. If Natalie isn’t out adventuring, you can find her cheering on the University of Missouri Men's Basketball team. As a basketball player herself, she’s learned to count her L’s as lessons, not losses.