3 Reasons NOT To Ignore SEO

We’ve all said it a million times over. Let me just google that.  In just a second’s time, you will have the answer to “where is the best pizza near me?”  

When the name of a search engine becomes a verb, it’s pretty clear that it’s a big deal.  According to an article written by Meg Prater for HubSpot, Google controls a little more than 92% of the search engine market share worldwide. That includes 72% of the desktop market and 92% of the mobile search engine market.  In a world where information can be readily obtained in the palm of our hands, we need to take advantage of it. 

This is where the importance of SEO  comes into play and why you do NOT want to ignore it. 

Increase your visibility

As cited by the Entrepreneur Store, 53 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search.  As Google is the preferred search engine for most users, increasing visibility will directly impact your SERP (Search Engine Page Result).  It’s no surprise that the higher ranked your SERP, the more likely a user is to click on your link. In fact, in a study conducted by Backlinko, the #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 27.6% and is 10 times more likely to receive a click as opposed to the page in the number 10 spot. 

Optimizing your SEO will help you move up those rankings and reach the customers that are trying to find you. 


Although it may seem daunting, improving your SEO is a simple way to improve your business’ success without a large investment.  Paid advertisements can be costly and with ever-changing algorithms, may be a bit tricky.  You can take matters into your own hands with optimizing SEO.  In increasing your visibility as mentioned above, you want to appeal to the masses.  Identify keywords that are relevant to your business. Regularly publishing good and authoritative content that appeals to your audience and contains the keywords that users will be searching for is half of the battle. 


Let’s be honest, if you find yourself in the deep dark place of page number 2 with your SERP, the user perceives this as a lack of credibility.  We know this isn’t true, but if they aren’t giving you that click that you’re looking for, they will never find out for themselves. Improving your SEO and climbing those rankings will in turn increase your credibility with your audience and yield more credible leads to your site. 

Google may run the search engine world, so let’s make the best of it.

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