The IOI Crew

Our starting lineup.

Jared Antista

Founder & CEO

Marisa Malts

Director of Account Services

Nicole Lane

Director of Digital Marketing

Erika Conklin

Chief Happiness Officer

Adam Kaylor

Account Manager

Craig Peterson

Account Manager & Content Creator

Emily Rodriguez

Social Media & Marketing Specialist

Erin Ebert

Account Manager

Fernanda Angelicola

Account & Sales Manager

Jess Thomas

Account Manager

Kristina Brady

Account Manager

Natalie Barletta

Web Development Manager

Nolan Villeneuve

HubSpot (CRM) & Account Manager

Owen Richard

Account Manager

Tony Golio

Digital Marketing Manager & Account Manager

Danny Watts


Abby Prather-Turner

Independent Contractor

Mickey Russell

Content Creator

Cate Cato