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About Integrity Over Income

About Integrity Over Income

IOI Ventures partners with small & medium-sized businesses that are looking to optimize their digital marketing efforts and scale their business. Our approach is unique. We connect the dots between marketing and sales with a focus on lead generation and revenue growth through digital marketing best practices.

Our marketing team analyzes your goals, audits your digital channels, and quickly activates to improve performance with our quick-win mentality.

  • We're a plug-and-play marketing arm for your business, filling in the holes on your team.
  • We offer ROI-driven marketing solutions powered by a team that has your best interest at heart.
  • Both strategic and tactical, we're rooted in sales and passionate about digital marketing.

P.S. We are anti-agency folks. You can't say the "A" word here.

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Into Year Three...

Hear how we got there from CEO & Founder, Jared Antista


If people do not care or give a *#$& then why be in business at all? Thankfully for 200x85, we have found that same person in Jared Antista who successfully differentiates himself from other marketing firms by caring!  Jared, like 200x85, is compulsive about detail and has an intuitive understanding that in order to hit higher goals, we need to hit those mundane, tedious little things that make up everyday business. Jared also has a genuine fascination and a never-ending inquiry into what makes a business tick. He is always asking the right questions, does what he says he will do, and, if he can't, learns how.

Kevin Mann - CEO at 200x85

Jared and his team are the cupids of youth sports. Between their above and beyond effort across marketing and sales for our company, creative ideas with follow through, focus on revenue, and relationships in the youth sports space - our business continues to scale. We could not have done it without them.

Dan Panaggio - CEO at DME Academy 

Industries We Serve

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The days of Marketing and Sales being separate business units within an organization needs to end. Our digital marketing solutions solve sales problems.


Web Development

IOI is a lead-gen obsessed marketing firm that focuses on your entire digital ecosystem, starting with your website as the hub.

Paid Ads

Paid Media

Paid media is an important part of the overall marketing mix and should return 3X of your money when done well. In our recent campaign, we generated 665 leads at 22 cents per lead.



SEO can generate strong long-term ROI by bringing organic traffic to your site on a consistent basis. Gain the visibility you need to succeed with SEO.


Content / Social

Providing value to your audience is key. We'll help you find that value, build trust, and connect with more customers through content marketing designed to convert.

4k video

Video Production Services

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. And, did you know that high-quality videos on your website actually help improve your SEO rankings?


SMS / Email Marketing

Have you thought about a Text Message marketing plan?

Did you know that 98% of text messages are opened, compared to a 20% industry standard for email marketing?

growth hacking

Sales Optimization

IOI gets past the ‘fluff’ of traditional agencies and delivers results. We will analyze your marketing and sales funnels, audit your current processes, in order to optimize every component.

Event Activation

Event Activation

We have experience at hundreds of youth sports events and trade shows. Whether it's photography, video production, social media teams, sourcing sponsorship opportunities and activation we've been there and done that.

HubSpot CRM Integration and Strategy Services


Already have a small in-house marketing team?

That's OK, they can join the IOI squad for shared learning, tactical improvements and gain access to our team for strategic advice! 

Cool, Let's Chat

Introducing our partner marketing program, perfect for small marketing teams that could benefit from inclusion on the IOI team. 

Meet The Crew

Jared Antista

Founder & CEO

Marisa Malts

Director of Account Services

Nicole Lane

Director of Digital Marketing

Erika Conklin

Chief Happiness Officer

Craig Peterson

Account Manager & Content Creator

Emily Rodriguez

Social Media & Marketing Specialist

Fernanda Angelicola

Account & Sales Manager

Jess Thomas

Account Manager

Kristina Brady

Account Manager

Natalie Barletta

Web Development Manager

Nolan Villeneuve

HubSpot (CRM) & Account Manager

Owen Richard

Jr. Account Manager

Peter Rossi

Digital Content Creator

Tony Golio

Digital Marketing Manager & Account Manager


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