CCM 68

What is

CCM 68

The CCM 68 Presented by 200x85 LLC is the premier 14 and Under camp in America. Top players, top coaches, top accommodations and top competition combine for an over-the-top experience. CCM 68 is open for any and all to register with the best of the best being selected to participate with all sharing a common goal of reaching the highest peaks in hockey.


The 2023 CCM 68 event took place over four days in Chicago, Illinois. While this year was their 10th anniversary of the event and it was also a first. This event marked the first time they invited the top 68 boys and top 68 girls from Canada in addition to the traditional 68 American boys and 68 American girls. With 272 athletes heading to the Windy City, 200x85 reached out to us to help them make this a spectacle.

Client Goals

  • Grow awareness of Canadian participation

  • Maximize Social Media Growth

  • Emphasis prestige of the event

  • Highlight the sponsor CCM Hockey

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Make it a social


CCM 68 is not only the most exclusive program that 200x85 offers, but one of the most exclusive youth hockey programs in the world. The exclusive nature of the event always raises intrigue and it was imperative to maximize this opportunity to increase awareness on what CCM 68 is and educate the audience on how they can position themselves to attend future CCM 68 events. To achieve these goals there were several assets involved from pre-event scouting reports to post-event results.

Tell the

CCM 68 story

Over the course of the event, 162 stories were shared showing the whole CCM 68 experience from opening night through game time. To emphasize the professionalism of this elite event, there was plenty of graphic design preparation to ensure a high-quality presentation in a timely manner.


Social Media


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Kicking off in November of 2022, content strategy was a critical element to not only driving excitement for the 2023 CCM 68, but also educating our audience on the event. As the event is only offered at one age group, it is important to grow awareness to the younger ages that can participate in the future CCM 68 events.



Unique Readers

"IOI has been a reliable and valuable resource in all aspects of the marketing and media regarding the CCM 68 Combine. They have been a presence throughout all phases; including planning, execution and post strategies. Their coverage of all things CCM 68 was a huge factor in the impression this year's event made on our target audience. Our social coverage and media footprint was better than ever, showcasing the top end athletes to the entire hockey community."

Justin Lewandowski
VP - Hockey Operations - 200X85 LLC



New contacts created in the CRM system from interest in the 2024 CCM 68 event.


Increase in website traffic by over 6k users from the 2022 CCM 68 event.


Increase in website page views by over 72k page views from the 2022 CCM 68 event.


Increase in website traffic via social media from the 2022 CCM 68 event.