How a simple lead gen focused landing page improved our client’s ROI by 145%

As marketers, your website is the first thing we look at before we start any kind of marketing efforts. We dive into how it's performing, how easy it is to navigate as a customer, and ultimately is it set up for success of the business. When we first started working with our client, Challenger Teamwear, about 4 months ago, we noticed right away we needed to create a landing page that not only was easier to navigate as a customer, but provided opportunities to contact them and capture the leads information. If not, any money or marketing efforts we push there would be money down the drain.

In an effort to show them how quickly and easily this can be done, we immediately went to work on building out a simple lead gen landing page focused on attracting and converting leads. Adding in multiple opportunities to contact and capture a lead’s information through Hubspot forms.


This is where the fun began. We started to show how effective a customer driven landing page, with Hubspot form integration and some key marketing pushes, helped increase $29,448.73 in sales over 4 months. In total, this added up to 145% ROI for our client. 

The breakdown of what we did: 

  • Pushed $3k in paid dollars monthly to the new landing page
  • Created and scheduled 4 email blasts monthly linking out to the landing page
  • Created new social accounts (FB & IG), a content calendar each month, along with a linktree to link out to the new landing page

The end result after the first 4 months: 

    • Total $12,000 in ad spend over 4 months
  • 561 new leads
    • 33 new deals and 16 closed/won deals totaling in $29,448.73 worth of revenue
    • Investment gain: $17,448.73 
  • Total of 145% ROI

The above ultimately catapulted them into building off what we started and increasing marketing efforts: More landing pages specific to each sport they offer, FULL Hubspot integration for marketing and sales as well as additional campaigns throughout holiday months to capitalize on sale opportunities. 

Additional Campaign efforts included: 

    • Year End Clearance Landing page with over 250 products from Under Armour & Adidas and a 2 email/social push over a one week period
  • Over $2,900 in sales on the first day 
    • Black Friday Spiritwear sale which included 2 emails/social to each Organization’s pages plus a digital flyer with QR code for the Organization to push out on their end. All over a one week period
  • Over $2,000 in sales 


And this is just the beginning! We are only 4 months into the relationship, and have no doubt that this will continue to improve and increase revenue for their company. Hello happy client!