Apply To Make People Happy

About Us 

IOI Ventures takes a new approach to the traditional agency model that can develop foundational brand strategy and go-to-market plans, but unlike traditional agencies, we actually connect the dots and judge our work on lead generation and revenue growth. Marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game, we’re data-driven digital marketers and sales operations professionals that tie investments back to sales.


Responsible for: 

A Jester tells jokes, acts out physical gags, and entertains CEO and  IOI employees. Our Jester will work at the corporate office and report directly to the CEO. He/She will be responsible for coming up with jokes quickly, telling stories in an expressive manner, cheering up employees daily. 

Broken Down Responsibilities:

  • Performing their sketches to live audiences and to clients in the office.
  • Making meeting appearances to lighten the mood.
  • Creating long-form writing
  • Acting on camera for social media
  • Writing and editing comedy scripts 
  • Creating new/ cutting edge jokes 
  • Making IOI team laugh 
  • Keeping CEO company 


  • Need to be funny 
  • Have good storytelling skills 
  • Enthusiastic 
  • No experience necessary 
  • Creative 
  • Quick thinking skills 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Organized 
  • Great stage presence 

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