To Post Or Not To Post, That Is The Question

There truly is beauty in planning ahead! It allows you to pivot when necessary and act preemptively instead of reactively. One of my favorite reasons to make a content plan a month or two in advance is to get that non-negotiably-necessary birdseye view on what your brand is showcasing in the cyberworld. This omni view usually sparks creativity for me, it shows the gaps in the plan and where you can truly make an impact. So get your content calendar out and plan next month with me.

Let’s start with the basics, your promos, sales, discounts, etc; sprinkle them in throughout the month. Next, are there any HYPER-relative hashtag holidays to tap into? Maybe your product is ice skates, and it just so happens that next month is *hypothetically* #NationalHockeyMonth. You should probably get an action shot of a player in your skates in there. It’s also #worldpoetryday, we can make this work: Roses are red, violets are blue, ponds are still frozen, let’s get new skates on you. While looking at #HashtagHolidays you come across #PiDay and #nationalpotatochip day, we can most definitely SKIP those, there is a certain inauthentic tone that comes through when trying to force your brand into a space created for STEM folk and Fritolay.

This tone also applies when speaking to socio political movements. Perhaps the leadership in your company doesn't see eye-to-eye on specific issues so it's safer to stray away and stick to what you know AND do REALLY REALLY well. If your entire team shares a vision for positive change and maybe even a specific movement this is where you can plant a seed. For example, let's think twice about posting a random #BLM post if we haven't addressed any inequality issues in the past. On the other hand, if you are an active supporter, donor, or volunteer for United We Dream; let’s give them a spot on the calendar… and another when #NationalImmigrantsDay comes around. Setting the stage for activist posts solidifies your standing behind the holiday rather than seeming insensitive with another ‘one off’ post.

Now, we’ve got our promos, our hashtag holidays, our insert your brand in the community, what's left? U-G-C! The content that your SUPER happy customers are flooding you with because they just can't get enough of your product! Give them a spotlight to shine under while they’re out there in the world making your products look G-O-O-D!