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Under Armour Flag Football Paid Media Campaign Hits Year-Long Target In One Month!

March 2, 2023 | Nicole Lane

What do you get when you combine a passion for sports, an entrepreneurial spirit, and kids? Under Armour Flag Football Leagues. IOI Ventures has partnered with Under Armour’s Flag Football team to expand their footprint and grow the number of flag football leagues across the country.

The partnership encourages families to sign their children up to play, as well as generate leads for new league operators. Without league operators, Under Armour can not expand its program. Challenge accepted.


IOI worked closely with the Under Armour Flag Football team to draw up a paid media campaign to drive leads for league operators. They expressed a goal to onboard 10 new league operators this year. With a rigorous vetting process and high turn-down rate, IOI was challenged with driving a significant number of qualified leads to try and yield just one league operator per month.


To achieve this goal, we knew that we needed to increase the volume and quality of the leads coming to their “Start A Flag Football League” landing page (a past IOI website project). 

IOI’s account management team worked with Under Armour to settle on a budget and regional targets for league operators. The IOI paid media team then worked with the Account Manager on a detailed paid media campaign brief outlining the goals of the client, their target audiences, geographics, keywords, custom URLs for tracking, headlines and descriptions for context in the ads. 

Additionally, IOI’s creative team worked with photo assets from the client to refresh the visual elements of the ads.


In just 31 days, IOI was able to generate 930 leads at a cost per lead of $7.04. Because of the close attention to detail around audience targeting and geo-fencing, the quality of the leads was confirmed when the client told us that they were onboarding 10 new league operators and had 5 more ready to onboard shortly thereafter. 

As a result, Under Armour Flag Football moved their proverbial goalposts back a bit. Their new goal for the year is now 30 league operators – and we are confident that we’ll get them there.

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