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IOI Ventures Boosts Lead Generation for 3 Keys Brewery Through Facebook Campaign

May 15, 2023 | Owen Richard

This case study explores how IOI Ventures successfully executed a lead generation campaign on Facebook to generate more leads for 3 Keys Brewery’s email list. By leveraging the targeting capabilities and extensive user base of Facebook, IOI Ventures devised a strategic campaign that effectively reached and engaged the brewery’s target audience, resulting in a significant increase in qualified leads.



The primary objective of the campaign was to expand 3 Keys Brewery’s email list and gather valuable leads for future marketing initiatives. We aimed to maximize the impact of Facebook’s vast user base and sophisticated ad targeting options to reach individuals who were likely to be interested in craft beer, good food, and a nice atmosphere, all at an affordable price.


Strategy and Execution:

Identifying the target audience: We collaborated closely with 3 Keys Brewing & Gastrobrew’s team to define its ideal customer persona. Tom and Gabe from 3 Keys identified key characteristics and demographics, such as age, location, interests, and engagement with similar brands.

Ad creative development: IOI Ventures crafted visually appealing and engaging ad creatives that showcased 3 Keys Brewery’s unique offerings, including high-quality images of their craft beers, brewery ambiance, and special events. The ads were designed to evoke curiosity and encourage users to take action by signing up for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Precise targeting and ad distribution: Utilizing Facebook’s advanced targeting options, we narrowed down the target audience based on geographic location (Bradenton, Florida), age, interests, and behavior patterns related to craft beer and brewery visits. By ensuring precise targeting, the campaign could effectively reach individuals with a high likelihood of becoming valuable leads.

Ongoing monitoring and refinement: During the 30 days campaign duration, we closely monitored the performance. Tracking metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per lead. We continuously refined the campaign by adjusting targeting parameters to optimize results.



IOI Ventures’ Facebook lead generation campaign yielded exceptional results for 3 Keys Brewery:

Increased lead volume: The campaign generated a whopping 809 leads during the 30 days we were running the campaign. 

Higher lead quality: The leads acquired through the campaign are all leads within a 15 miles radius of 3 Keys Brewing and Gastrobrew. These new leads are much more likely to stop in now that they are more aware of the restaurant. 

Cost-effective results: The cost per lead was only $0.53, indicating efficient campaign management and optimization. Our total spend was $425.66 for a total of 809 leads.

Enhanced brand exposure: Our campaign’s reach and engagement resulted in a wider audience discovering 3 Keys Brewery and increased brand awareness within their target market of Bradenton, Florida.



Through a strategic lead generation campaign on Facebook, IOI Ventures successfully assisted 3 Keys Brewery in expanding its email list and connecting with a broader audience of craft beer enthusiasts. By leveraging Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities and continuously optimizing its campaign, we achieved significant improvements in lead volume, lead quality, and cost-effectiveness. This case study demonstrates the value of leveraging social media platforms for lead generation and highlights the importance of well-defined targeting, compelling ad creatives, and ongoing monitoring and optimization for campaign success.


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