Gif or Jif. How you say it isn’t important. All that matters is you’re using them!

It’s the debate that never goes out of style. Is it Gif? Or is it Jif? And although there have been multiple reports that it is indeed pronounced with a “G”, there is always that one guy who insists it’s pronounced like the peanut butter brand. And kudos to Jif®, the peanut butter brand, who turned the debate into a brilliant marketing campaign in the height of the pandemic.

We’re not going to argue with you over the pronunciation. However, we are here to say that if you haven’t incorporated branded Gifs, through Giphy, into your digital marketing strategy, then you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Gifs are part of our daily digital lives. 10 billion Gifs are served daily through Giphy. Yes, that is “billion,” with a B. We use them in text messages, Instagram stories, emails, Facebook comments, and the list goes on. In fact, aside from emojis, I’d argue they’re the most utilized type of content, with infinite possibilities because of the number of platforms they work on.

Yet, so many brands aren’t taking advantage of the brand marketing opportunities that are possible with Gifs; and we haven’t even gotten to the best part. They’re one of the simplest and least time consuming marketing tactics you’ll ever execute. Why? Because once they’re uploaded to Giphy, the people of the internet take it from there and you simply upload new ones when, and if, you want to. The analytics behind them can be astonishing and mirror a viral trajectory.

Recently, we set up one of our sport industry clients with a Giphy account. We’ve uploaded 16 total gifs that range from logos to plays. In just over two months, the account has already had over 191k views of its gifs. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other channel that can build that many views, for a few pieces of content, in that short of a time.

If you haven’t jumped on this fun, mobile-friendly trend of Gifs, what are you waiting for? Curious how to get started? Shoot our team a line and we’ll get you up and running in a Giphy. (Sorry, we had to).