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How To Measure The Success of A Campaign

October 10, 2022 | Natalie Barletta

Six Steps To Building A Custom URL

So you want to create a campaign? Great! But what are the best practices for measuring its success? I’m going to walk you through the steps to ensure you can create a results-driven campaign.

Let’s say you have a page where you’re driving users to and promoting some type of camp or event. How do you measure the success of this URL and page you’re trying to push? How do you know where these leads come from? Most people would just copy and paste the link wherever they’re advertising it, but I want to show you there is a much more efficient and effective way of doing this.

There are two things you can do to optimize how you can measure the success of your campaign. 1) You can build a new, custom URL. 2) You can shorten your URL using a tool like Bitly or the google shortener mentioned below!

Google URL Builder

What you can do is use this tool called Google URL builder. There are 6 easy steps to create a custom URL!

Step #1: Paste the Link

This is where you copy and paste the URL of the page you want a custom URL for.

Step #2: Create Campaign Source

This will allow  you to identify this particular campaign. In terms of ‘campaign source’. This is where your page’s traffic will be coming from.

Step #3: Create Campaign Medium

The ‘campaign medium’ is how your traffic got to your web page. The medium could be organic, CPC (cost per click) or referral.

Think of it as the source is where you came from and the medium is the method of transportation! (For example: source = train station, medium = train.)

Step #4: Create Campaign Term

In ‘campaign term’ you will highlight any keywords. This isn’t relevant, so out of the 5 fields you only need to fill 3 of them.

Step #5: Add Campaign Content

Then ‘campaign content’ you can use terms and put the keywords here as well.

Step #6: Add Campaign Name

Here is the ‘campaign name’. This is where you will give your campaign a name that you will be able to find in Google Analytics.

Google URL Shortener

The Google URL shortener is a great tool to shorten the URL you created. All you do is copy and paste the URL and click shorten URL! Now you can use that link for your campaign and track any campaigns in Google Analytics that you do and see which one is going to give you the best results.

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