How To Use FB Job Postings To Grow Franchise Leads

Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don't Stop And Look Around Once In A While, You Could Miss It…. 

Ferris wasn’t wrong and this certainly holds true for the digital marketing world. What proved to be effective last year or even last month, may not be successful today. It’s our job as marketers to stay on our toes and remain one step ahead of competitors in the busy digital space.

Working with several clients that are looking to expand their franchises nationwide, we ran into some roadblocks in our strategy that had proven to be effective just months prior.  Privacy changes making a huge impact on social media advertising, as well as the ever evolving algorithm taking longer to convert,  it was imperative that we pivot quickly to yield results for our client.

We turned to Facebook and their job posting feature..

With Facebook job posting, you can find candidates where they are spending most of their time - on Facebook. It is still comfortably the most popular social network in the world, boasting more than 2.9 billion users.

Not only can Facebook help you reach a wide audience, it can also target those who are already fans of your brand. If someone likes your company page, your job listings will appear on their news feed. So by using this  feature, you are attracting prospects who already have greater brand loyalty towards you than cold candidates. And have I mentioned one of the biggest perks? It’s FREE.  Of course there are ways to throw some money behind your listings to give it a boost but it’s certainly not mandatory.

Our client was looking to expand into 11 areas within the US.  We were able to create job listings for each location and in one month’s time, we were able to nurture 80+ candidates within our CRM.  Coupled with optimizing their site and cultivating those leads, we were able to help launch at least 4 new leagues in the locations that our client was hoping to infiltrate. 

In an industry that’s constantly evolving, IOI prides itself on being proactive to change.