Revolutionary AI Video Tech Comes to Life in New IOI Product Video

On average, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. Another stat that we’ll toss your way is that 100% of clients will be stoked to see their product and company displayed in crystal clear 4K resolution. Video production is one of our favorite service offerings because it’s one of those rare projects that’s equal parts creative and strategic (plus, it gets a few bonus points for being fun as hell to work on).

So let’s talk about a recent IOI & Pixellot project. Pixellot recently launched a revolutionary product line that utilizes AI to automatically produce footage of fully tracked games, player highlights, and coach analysis for sports organizations. Along with their high tech cameras, they developed an app that will allow coaches, parents, and families to view, breakdown, create and share content. So to summarize, these guys are using technology to change the way we capture, review and learn from film. Consider us sold.

Our Founder & CEO, Jared Antista, was thrilled to work on this project. Not only does he get to add “Film Director” to his resume, but he fully backs the people and the product at Pixellot, which is the entire mantra that Integrity Over Income represents. Here’s what he had to say about our latest project:

“Pixellot has an amazing product and forward thinking marketing team led by Anthony. I’m extremely proud of the collaboration and end result on this commercial spot. From the overall creative strategy, music and messaging, quick turnaround time,  - our video team led by Chris did a fantastic job. Through strategic client relationships, we even included DME Academy into the production which proved a win for all three companies involved as they brought elite talent to the set in a beautiful sports training environment.”

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