Maximizing Your Web Page

Oftentimes when creating a page for a website, we have a lot of information we want to push out to a user, but someone may not know where to start. With summer coming up, a lot of companies are starting to push summer camps for kids! It’s important to organize a web page to get the most bang for your buck - especially if you are driving users there from a paid ad!

We’ve put together a great resource to learn more about  putting together a web page that has the best interest of both you and your user!

Let’s use a summer camp for example:

High Level Overview

  • What is your camp/event about? What can someone expect if they send their child to camp?

Registration Link

  • These registration buttons (or whatever CTA you choose) should be placed in a couple different places on your web page, but making the registration link visible on the top of the page is very important!


  • What specific age groups?
  • Can both males/females attend?
  • What are the specific dates and times?
  • How much does this camp cost?
  • Who are you leaving your child with?
  • It’s important to include what specific coaches will be in charge and teaching
  • Building the trust between the parent/guardian and whomever is going to be with the child all day is important, especially if you’re selling a premium camp!


  • The bottom of the page is where you can include common FAQs that parents would probably want to know, but not important enough to include in the Detail section of the page such as - what will the child be offered to eat, group size, registration deadline, etc.

Contact Form

  • Don’t forget to include a contact form! This is crucial in having a line of communication for those users that may be interested in your camp, but need to speak to someone directly before purchasing