Subject Lines Are The Most Important Part Of Your Marketing Email.

Here’s 6 Simple Tips You Should Consider The Next Time You’re Writing One!

In a world of cluttered inboxes, full of spam messages and tacky promotional emails, the subject line is your best chance to stand out against the noise. According to a study done by Chadwick Martin Bailey, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line. Strong subject lines will lead to high open rates and click through rates, which will give you the best chance possible to connect with your audience. Here’s 6 simple tips that you should keep in mind while you’re writing your next marketing email:

 1. Scannability

How quickly can someone scan and get the point of why you’re sending them the message? Make your message stand out by making it as clear as possible why I should open your email. Next time you’re struggling to write your subject line, just think of the acronym KISS, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

2. Length

Try not to exceed 8 words. Keep your subject lines short and concise. This helps with scannability, but can also make a huge difference when it comes back to how your email will present itself on different devices. With 50% of emails being opened on mobile devices, it’s extremely important that your readers can view the entire subject line (Source: Campaign Monitors).

3. Reading Grade Level

Your email subject lines should be written at a 7th grade reading level or lower, and lower is better. There’s no need to spice up your subject line with high-level lexicon and a bunch of jargon that you think is making you sound smarter.

4.  Spammy Elements

Avoid words and phrases that sound spammy at all costs. Expressions like “limited offer” or “apply now”, push a sense of urgency that can turn the reader off. We also recommend avoiding the use of exclamation points and putting words in all caps. Just remember, NOBODY LIKES TO BE YELLED AT WHILE THEY’RE CHECKING THEIR EMAIL!!!

5. Personalization

Utilize personalization tools whenever possible. Email marketing software and CRMs have made it incredibly easy to personalize your emails, as well as sort your customers into lists that fit their interests.

6. Can You Make It A Question?

Questions are naturally engaging and will make the reader want to learn more about what you’re selling.

Let’s Recap:

The key to a successful marketing email stems from having a rock solid subject line. Keep it short, sweet and meet your customer’s needs. Find the balance between having a subject line that’s easy to digest and extremely informative. Interested in more digital marketing help? Let’s chat! Click here to learn what IOI Ventures is all about, and find out what we can do for you!