The Right Mixture To Your Marketing Success

In most sports, there is a defense and an offense that you must master before you become a champion; the same holds true in marketing. An individual must utilize their left brain, the analytical ‘defense side’, and their right brain, the creative and snazzy ‘offense side’, to become elite and produce a final product that is calculated, while also pulling at emotions. No matter if your profession is in sports or as a marketer, being diverse in your skillset is critical to your success. Please let me clarify as I am sure that statement produced several thoughts and questions for you.

If you are predominantly a left-brain thinker, then you understand full-well the scientific side to marketing; thriving in this environment by focusing on analytics, rather than relying on your gut or emotions. Words such as users, sessions, pageviews, segmentation, and trends account for a large portion of your vocabulary, with data, forecasting, and consistent optimization being your primary focus. You most likely set clear objectives within your budget, track key metrics, and analyze the results, to determine which strategies are providing you with the most wins. The scientist in you leaves no room for guesswork as the data support every decision you make, from the structure of your campaign, to what time of day you are sharing targeted content through social media.

The benefit to taking a scientific approach, filled with analytics, careful calculation, and consistent adjustment, is that your marketing strategies are always trackable and you are kept accountable for what you implement within a campaign. As more and more businesses are shifting towards data-driven marketing strategies, it is crucial for you to keep your left brain strong.

On the other side, if you are mostly a right-brain thinker, the artistic portion that marketing requires fits perfectly in your wheelhouse as you communicate through emotion and probably utilize Canva or Adobe tools daily. It is safe to say that you are unique, creative and use your own intuition to guide your decision-making that flips generic material into engaging content; capturing the minds and hearts of many. You are aware of the importance of data and the story it tells, but are confident your ability to create can not be found in a spreadsheet, nor in a report, but on a blank canvas for your imagination to take over. The artist in you forms deep and meaningful connections with your target audience as you grasp the concepts of desire, fear, frustration, and other intangible qualities that make us all human.

The advantage of marketing with an artistic mindset, centered around color, texture, and emotions, is that your horizon will expand greatly; pioneering new strategies and the opportunity for you to think more extravagantly. Design work in the marketing world may be viewed by many as more of a traditional strategy, but still has a large impact in campaign performance as it is important for you to keep your right brain active.

With attention spans being extremely short, expectations sky high, and technology evolving quicker than ever before, the combination of using your left and right brain will aid you in becoming a champion at your craft. For proof, ask our team as we have found the correct mixture to this way of marketing.