This is the future of networking

Why business cards for the digital age are a must

Have you been in a situation when you don't have a piece of paper to exchange contact information with a potential client or future prospect? Sure, you can type out your information on someone else’s phone, or ask them to text you theirs if you’re fortunate to have the time (and patience)… but wouldn't it be easier if you could quickly send a business card in a digital format?

While discussing more innovative ways to capture leads, we identified a gap in converting a prospect into a client. There was a general frustration that developed from seeing the volume of interested patrons wanting to book event space but most lacked follow-through in the booking process. Once the tour was over, everyone got a business card, and then the waiting began, hoping the phone would ring. The conversion rates were terrible.

In researching ways to make connections faster, IOI introduced a digital business card. A fresh new way to network by replacing the old paper business card with virtual cards. The concept allows for an easy and effortless way to share and save contact information with a single tap to another cell phone. With customization of card content, images, banners, and style the digital business cards don’t require downloading an app. Instead, when you tap another phone, it shares your business fast and conveniently. Your profile holds all your social media links, contact info, and in this case, the lead form. My client was not only able to share his information but also capture event lead details immediately. There was no longer waiting and hoping...What once was a cold lead, now became a hot lead!

What’s more, CRM integration, Facebook pixel, and Google Analytics will soon be available to generate profile analytics. Now is the time to reach new audiences, capture more leads, and stay ahead with a virtual business card!