Video Content Will Outperform Photo 10/10 Times

Are You Integrating Enough Video Content into Your Social Media Channels?

Nowadays we’re all too familiar with getting lost in a good social media scrolling session. As marketers, we ask ourselves every day, “how do we get consumers to linger on our message a little longer.” We’ve tried making that message a little louder, bolder, and catchier, but as more social platforms enter the digital marketing arena, it has become apparent that movement in the content makes us pump the breaks. With Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm favoring video, as well as newcomer Tik-Tok, taking the video content game to the next level should be a priority for all brands.

An overall, go-to marketing tool for us is Canva, and its new mobile-video template makes video content creation a breeze. You can use one of the pre-built templates with animations to add still images and video to create some engaging content in under three minutes. These insights show the performance results of a photo vs a video, with the video metrics on the right.

The tools are out there and, in a tik-tok world, you don’t want to be caught living in myspace times. Join the reel world and go live, share your story, or put your best boomerang forward.

Have any questions about integrating video content into your social media channels? We’re your experts and we’re happy to help.