Week 1 In The Books For IOI’s Newest Account Manager

A new Account Manager’s point of view

As I reflect on my first week at IOI, I find myself replaying my internal mantra “you’ll never have this day again...so make it count”, and that’s been my intent. The majority of my time has been spent trying to absorb everything. To me, getting to know the company’s culture, the projects landing on my plate, and learning everyone’s communication styles means that I’ll be able to start the real work sooner. Anyone that’s worked with me knows that I ask a LOT of questions (sorry in advance) as I’m trying to learn about the goals and processes of each project. I like to dig in and try to connect business goals to marketing tactics.

So far, there’s three things I’ve learned that I’m good at:

  • I’m all about efficiency, so I don’t turn down help or advise - if there’s a better way, I want to know.
  • I can do anything - but can’t do everything; I love to learn. If there’s something I don't know, I’ll find the answer. This is especially true with so many resources and experts on our team here at IOI...there’s always an answer!
  • Talking to people is more fun than it used to be (thanks quarantine)! Working remotely has its benefits and challenges. Even if we’re not close in proximity, I’ve found odd comfort in digital hangouts. It’s been fun to laugh and get to know the team over virtual meetings (and virtual happy hours too).

A few areas of opportunity for me:

  • Workflow automation. There are a lot of tools to help us keep organized. ClickUp is a company favorite and I need to spend more time not getting lost in a rabbit hole of folders, links, tasks, and assignments.
  • Presentations - I’ve listened to Jared & Nick’s client presentations and they’re so comfortable in a group of 40 people, it’s literally effortless when you’re a pro. Meanwhile, my hands are clammy listening from the next room...
  • I definitely could use help understanding Jared’s acronyms - WP, LP, BB, HS, LI, WTF - not sure I’ll ever master this one, so please send help!

IOI is a fantastic choice for all marketing needs; it’s so turnkey. The company is built with real people who are honest and passionate about all things digital. After my first week I’m already working with accounts across a huge range of industries (think of an indie musician meets elite hockey academy byway of an icery truck). I’m super thrilled to be part of this group and can’t wait for the next client I get to work with!