How to Drive Site Traffic from Social

One of the biggest challenges in social is driving users from Instagram to your website in a fluid, effective way.

We post a lot of blogs on our client’s websites, and we like to push these through their social channels. The three major ones we utilize are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. IG, however, presents challenges in that links are not available or clickable organically IN the post itself.

In fact, the same link posted on our Twitter and Instagram accounts produced a nearly 1:1 result in terms of traffic to the site, despite our IG following being SIX TIMES the size of our Twitter following.

Instagram is our largest audience, and the users we target, are far more active on this channel than other social media platforms. It was crucial we reached this group.

A text-heavy content piece doesn’t translate well to a visual medium like IG. So, I looked at our newest blog post, which was 1,200 words. I asked myself, ‘What’s the most important thing I want the reader to remember?’ Boiled it down to one quote from an interview; five words… I blew it up in big, block letters, overlaid it on top of a photo that was appropriate to the content, and posted it.

We saw a 3x increase in traffic from IG-to-website and a 4x increase in time on site. By giving the IG user just a taste of the overall content, we not only garnered more attention but more quality attention as well.

Making your content appropriate for each channel is crucial to maximizing results. The average Instagram user may not want or have time to read a 1,200-word blog post, but would still find value in the article’s biggest bullet point. Got a podcast? Pull the most important sound byte. Video from a presentation? Cut and post the biggest lesson. Those who see it will still get great value, and those who really value it will look to find more.

Have any questions about driving site traffic from social? We’re your experts and we’re happy to help.