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Did your couch just become your office? Here’s a few tips for making the switch to remote

May 4, 2023 | Adam Kaylor

Recently, I made the decision to transition from an in-person office job to a fully-remote position. It was going to be my first time working a job that didn’t require me to be in a stuffy office every day, but I had no idea how the process actually worked. Commuting to my living room was definitely a culture shock in the first few weeks, but a handful of simple changes to my routine made the transition a lot smoother than expected.

If you’re currently hoping to leave behind your archaic corporate office but can’t see yourself working from home, here’s a few tips I learned that will help you ditch the cubicle.

One of the first things that struck me was the need to be self-motivated. However, having completed my master’s degree in a 100 percent online situation in college and being solely responsible for my department at my last position, I was confident in my ability to keep myself focused without leaving the comfort of my own home. One hack I use to stay on track is time blocking. This practice of working through tasks at a designated pace helps keep me focused and efficient throughout the day. To learn more about time blocking techniques, click here:

Another change I made to help me focus was to create separate logins and profiles on my laptop. Google Chrome has an incredibly useful feature which allows me to create multiple profiles on the same login. This keeps all of my information and bookmarks separate and also improves focus time by removing distractions from my browser interface. For an even greater level of separation, try a work/personal desktop on your laptop. Making this change will separate work and play mode and help keep you on track. For help on making the changes within Chrome, check out this article.

After my first week of staring at a small laptop screen and sitting hunched on a cheap office chair that wasn’t up for the task, my back and eyes were pleading for some upgrades. So, I added a much larger external monitor to my desk and  paid out for a far more comfortable and supportive chair. While these may cost you a bit up front, it’s worth it as the benefits down the line far outweigh the initial price.

Early in my time with IOI, before I was completely onboarded, I took the chance to dig into learning new technologies and softwares. More importantly, I haven’t stopped. I continue to read articles and take courses on the latest trends to help elevate my game (Hubspot Academy is a great place to start). Also, save yourself some time by subscribing to industry-relevant newsletters that deliver all the goods straight to your inbox. 

Armed with these few simple tricks, the switch from a daily commute and conference rooms to my home desk and video calls has been a breeze. With these in mind, you will set yourself up for success in the new modern working environment.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about setting yourself up for success in a fully-remote position!

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