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Client QA Session | St. John’s Northwestern Academies

December 27, 2023 | Adam Kaylor

At IOI Ventures we are committed to our clients’ success and helping small businesses win. We are goal driven, focused on details and always innovating new ways to work with our customers.

We could go on and on, but we think it’s better if you hear from one of our current clients, St. John’s Northwestern Academies, a boarding school in Wisconsin that has seen a 40 percent increase in enrollments and a 400 percent increase in social media reach since our partnership.

With that, we welcome Eric Sanchez, Director of Advancement at SJNA, one of the key decision makers and close partners in the success of the IOI and SJNA relationship.

Q: What challenges were SJNA facing that they needed to address with IOI’s help?

A: SJNA internal changes in recent years have led to the need to improve digital strategies. The vital partnership with IOI has immediately impacted multiple areas. By leveraging digital channels, like social media, HubSpot, and search engines, IOI has optimized the way our target audience can reach us and engage SJNA. They have also assisted in creating engaging content, optimizing the website, and using email campaigns to help us bridge our message with current and new audiences.

Q: What factors influenced your decision to side with IOI rather than a larger agency?

A: I have worked with a lot of large firms in the past. The relationship loses its personal touch, and you become just a number. Working with IOI and their team is the complete opposite. Personal attention and dedication are where they shine. We have formed a partnership, and Adam and Marisa have worked exceptionally with us.

Q: What immediate impacts did you notice from partnering with IOI?

A: IOI has made a strong impact with quick wins, and a strategic mindset that will lead towards SJNA’s long term success. For example, IOI and their team have immediately right sized/improved our digital and social media strategies, modernized our website, connected our core community of constituents, and introduced new users to our website and school. 

Q: How satisfied were you with choosing IOI compared to previous agencies you may have worked with?

A: There is no comparison. IOI is a true partnership with an exceptional team of professionals. I could not be more enthused about working with them.

Q: What would you tell or recommend to a prospective business about your experience with IOI?

A: I highly recommend IOI for its outstanding customer service, knowledgeable team, and vision of partnership and success.

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