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The Problem

You Face 

Limited Budget


Most SMBs have limited budgets and resources to invest in sales and marketing.  When they do invest, that employee is often spread thin and pulled across many strategic, tactical, and operational activities. 

Marketing Islanders


These "marketing islanders" are secluded, lacking the collaborative culture of ideation and problem-solving that a larger team can bring.



Over time secluded teams become comfortable in complacency. We call it "just good enough" marketing and you're business maintains instead of thrives. 

The Solution

IOI Ventures partners with organizations, just like yours, that are looking to optimize their digital marketing efforts and scale their business. Our approach is unique. We connect the dots between marketing and sales with a focus on lead generation and revenue growth through digital marketing best practices.

Our marketing team analyzes your goals, audits your digital channels, and quickly activates to improve performance with our quick-win mentality.

  • We're a plug-and-play marketing arm for your business, filling in the holes in your team.
  • We offer ROI-driven marketing solutions powered by a team that has your best interest at heart.
  • Both strategic and tactical, we're rooted in sales and passionate about digital marketing.

P.S. We are anti-agency folks. You can't say the "A" word here.

What You get

  • Strategic Kick-off Meeting

    We document your marketing and sales goals and get up to speed on the toolsuite you have in place. We share initial impressions and our plans to help you win. 

  • Audit & Optimization

    We provide a marketing and sales audit presentation and a strategy for optimization. This will cover all marketing channels and reach into your sales efforts.

  • Access to Our Specialists

    Your employee(s) joins our internal IOI Slack channel and gets instant access to our team. Plus your business gets one hour a week with our specialists to hone in struggle or challenge your facing digitally. 

  • Quality Assurance

    We all wish that we had a second and third set of eyes on marketing that goes out into the world. That's what you'll get here. Did you know that companies lose up to 50% of sales from blatant spelling errors? 

  • Lunch 'N Learn

    Your employee(s) gain access to our monthly Lunch and Learn sessions to stay sharp and engaged and gain access to our Sr. Team for collaboration and development. 

  • Win Together

    Some of the best marketing comes from observation. Your team will explore the wins and losses from our efforts across our portfolio and take best practices to your marketing business. 

Join Our squad

It starts with website optimization.

Websites that are mobile-first, easy to navigate, content rich, have the correct call-to-action strategy, are integrated into a proper CRM (E.g. Hubspot), and have the right amount of time spent on SEO will help your club or business squash the local competition. Club websites starting at $4999. 

Introducing our

Partner Marketing Program

IOI Ventures (Integrity Over Income) is a company on the move. Our team of marketing experts offers a unique experience for your internal staff to join.

Here, your employee gains access to our culture, knowledge, and learnings from the companies that we work with.

Imagine a marketing team that extends beyond your one-man marketing band. Imagine having paid media expert opinions, just one slack message away. Have a new product or service? Let's get the team together to develop go-to-market strategies. Looking for strategic advice and analytical analysis from your Google Analytics, we've got your business covered!


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Industries we serve

  • Youth Sports

  • Start Ups

  • Hospitality

  • Non-Profits

  • E-Commerce

Who We've worked with

The Cost

Have more than two marketing employees, but still need help? Contact us at the form below!

*6 contract month terms

  • Initial Audit

    $5,000 for a full marketing and sales audit of your business. 

  • One Employee

    $750 Monthly

  • Two Employees

    $1,250 Monthly

Meet The Crew

Jared Antista

Founder & CEO

Marisa Malts

Director of Account Services

Nicole Lane

Sr. Account Strategist

Kristina Brady

Sr Account Manager

Sof A.

Web Dev

Junior Morales

Account Manager

Erika Conklin

Chief Happiness Officer

Adam Kaylor

Account Manager

Jess Thomas

Project Manager

Zach Hommey

Graphic Designer

Melanie Bridgens

Graphic Designer

Nolan Villeneuve

HubSpot (CRM) Specialist

Danny Watts


Abby Prather-Turner

Social Media Specialist