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Social Media Manager and Content Creator

By jantista2019 | Jun 9, 2022 |

Position Overview Social Media Manager and Content Creator Full-time Overview: IOI Ventures, LLC is on the lookout for a talented, driven, Social Media Manager to join our growing digital marketing firm. If you’re excited to become part of a passionate, dynamic team, and get exposure to a wide variety of industries and projects, apply below.…

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Diving into TikTok Ads and Growing Your Audience

By jantista2019 | Jun 1, 2022 |

Social media has been tough sledding as of late. Engagement on “The Big Three” – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – has come to a screeching halt while TikTok seems to be the one major driver of engagement among platforms. TikTok is still very much in the learning stages, though, and many of us are trial-and-erroring our…

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Being On-boarded with a Digital Marketing Firm

By jantista2019 | May 23, 2022 |

Usually, when you first join a new company, you walk into the office with the first day jitters, awkwardly trying to find your desk and shake hands, juggling all of the items you have in your hands between papers, your laptop, lunch, etc.  But, we’re in 2022 and everything is online now. My experience joining…

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Where Marketing and Sales Collide

By jantista2019 | May 9, 2022 |

Let’s face it – marketing and sales will always compete for the title of “MVP,” and both can make some pretty strong arguments. We often hear the “without marketing there’s no brand, no following, and no leads!” or the “without sales, there’s no deals, no customers, and no revenue!”  At IOI, we view the two…

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Taking the Road Less Traveled Might Be the Best Path You Ever Choose

By jantista2019 | Apr 27, 2022 |

Picture this, it’s May 2014 and I am preparing to walk across the stage at my college graduation. Primed and prepped to receive my hard-earned degree in Elementary Education. Fast forward 8 years and I’ve never set foot in an elementary classroom, let alone written a lesson plan. So what changed between then and now?…

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Spring Into The Perfect Marketing Mix

By jantista2019 | Apr 11, 2022 |

Have you ever had consistent trouble sleeping as the sheer thought of your marketing efforts not being effective kept you up into the wee hours of the morning? This thought is troubling as the restlessness eats away at you because you are striving to find that one Unique Selling Proposition, USP, that makes you the…

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Maximizing Your Web Page

By jantista2019 | Mar 30, 2022 |

Oftentimes when creating a page for a website, we have a lot of information we want to push out to a user, but someone may not know where to start. With summer coming up, a lot of companies are starting to push summer camps for kids! It’s important to organize a web page to get…

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It’s Time to Feel Confident in Your Work

By jantista2019 | Mar 15, 2022 |

What does confidence mean to you? Confidence is one of the key psychological capabilities underpinning the development of excellence, especially in work. Getting into a new career can be nerve-racking, especially if you just do not know where to begin. As you are navigating through your career, make sure you are building confidence in your…

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5 Stars

By jantista2019 | Mar 8, 2022 |

5 stars, it’s synonymous with quality and success. But what about the dreaded one star review? Recent statistics show that even one bad review can impact your business and as you can imagine, with each subsequent piece of negative feedback it will continue to snowball at an alarming rate! So what can you do in…

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Don’t Let Email Open Rates Fool You

By jantista2019 | Feb 28, 2022 |

Communication has continually grown from the first email in 1971 to the present. Emails have evolved throughout the years, becoming a critical tool for many businesses to connect with their audience. The ability to collect data on the audiences’ interactions with the emails is one of the reasons email marketing has been valuable. It is…

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